Classic wooden blocks come back in a modern version

Hi-tech wooden blocks – mixture of old with the new
Wooden blocks are unique for their mass, texture and children-friendly character. They help kids explore the world and are a great tool for improving creativity and manual skills. Although these features have always been appreciated by parents and babysitters, there was a time when wooden blocks lost a lot of popularity.

What seemed to be the main problem was the instability of constructions made from these blocks. You could build a masterpiece, but you could also easily destroy it with one false move. This is no longer the case, because hi-tech wooden blocks are equipped with magnets, located on the sides of the elements, which help put the blocks together and build much firmer constructions. Moreover, this simple solution makes it possible to create 3D structures. It has already been implemented by several toy companies. One of them is Kooglo, whose magnetic wooden blocks resemble classic toys from the past. If it weren’t for the small magnetic dots, you wouldn’t tell the difference between them. The blocks can be joined in different planes and angles, providing numerous possible combinations. Such a diversity is good for child’s spatial thinking and imagination. Older kids will enjoy more complex sets, such as Genji Creation magnetic wooden blocks, which offer a possibility to build really interesting and complicated constructions.

Are high-tech wooden blocks worth buying?
If you played with wooden blocks in your childhood you surely remember how much pleasure it gave. However, you may wonder if it is an appropriate entertainment for the kids of today. Aren’t these toys too primitive, and hence unattractive? The answer is ‘no’, and the main reason is their minimalism, which results in a lot of advantages. First of all, simple wooden blocks prepare young children for playing with more advanced toys. They can be put together in so many different ways that they do not impose any strict rules of playing. They are also very safe – there are no small elements or sharp edges, which could be dangerous for little children. High quality materials used for production prevent blocks from dampness and mechanical damage. Kooglo and Genii Creation wooden blocks are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a toy for your children. Apart from all the said advantages, they are simply a great fun, and the generation change is not an obstacle. Your children will enjoy wooden blocks as much as you did in your younger days. 
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