How to make proper selection in selecting building blocks ?

How to make proper selection in selecting building blocks ?
2. Check the required certificates - it is still necessary, as there are many toys without certificates on the market, which are sometimes sold as collectors' items.
3. It's useful when the building blocks have an appropriate packaging that ensures easy handling, storage, emptying and tidying up. The heavier the blocks, the stronger the box should be. Otherwise, after purchasing building blocks, we should add extra costs for an additional container to store them.

4. Select the building blocks according to child's favourite way of having fun  – if we want to make sure he often plays with it.  If the child likes constructing, buy him construction blocks. If he likes problem-solving games, then buy him building blocks designed for this purpose, and if the child likes to play in a narrative way, buy him blocks which allow him to have fun this way or...  

5. We can choose the building blocks according to what the child avoids. For example, the boy avoids problem-solving games, that is, he doesn't like to follow the instructions. Probably he finds it difficult to read those instructions. Buying building blocks which are based on problem-solving activities, and encouraging the child to play is the best way to fight this deficit.

6. What kind of building blocks should we choose for children with special needs, such as poor fine motor skills, hand paresis, skin diseases? With the appropriate method of joining.  We should choose such building blocks that are easy to use, and in extreme cases, we choose even magnetic blocks - assembled by touch.

7. THE BUILDING BLOCKS HAVE TO BE DIVERSIFIED. Do not buy the next set of the same building blocks. The tenth set of blocks of X type, but with a changed theme, is still the same game. The same sizes, shapes, mechanics, and method of joining. The only things that change are the colors and instructions. If you want your child to develop, try new things, learn different types of construction systems - you should buy different types of blocks.

8. Select blocks with instruction sheets. Even if these blocks are typically construction blocks. Having fun with instructions will allow your child to discover the full potential of the toy.

9. Look for reviews of toys on blogs (photos) and Youtube (videos) and verify their compliance with manufacturer's specifications. Wooden blocks are unique for their mass, texture and children-friendly character. They help kids explore the world and are a great tool for improving creativity and manual skills. Although these features have always been appreciated by parents and babysitters, there was a time when wooden blocks lost a lot of popularity.
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